Now is the safest time ever to learn to sing!

Pandemics stink. We love getting together each week to sing. We’re meeting by Zoom, and it’s still fun. We’re becoming accustomed to doing something that sounds unimaginable: singing in a chorus without hearing each other!


But maybe now is the best time for you to try it!


Your voice is beautiful… if you give yourself a chance.

If you say, “I only sing in the car, where no one can hear me”— think again. Your voice is unique, it’s yours, and it’s beautiful. Don’t know where to start? Find out where your voice naturally works best in under 5 minutes. No stress. No judgment. You’ll sing for YOURSELF only. Unleash the joy of singing—FREE.

Where do I start?


  • Watch the video above to learn what your comfortable singing range is.  There is information to make note of, so grab a pencil and paper - or download our simple guide.  

  • If you’d like us to help you figure out what you’ve discovered, email 


Try singing with us - ANONYMOUSLY!

If you’d like a taste of what we do, but are nervous about being heard, drop by a Zoom rehearsal -- completely anonymously!

  • We’ll send you some MP3s and sheet music, so you can hear what we’re working on. We’ll guide you through the process of learning a voice part by listening to a recorded track. 

  • Sight reading not required—but of course it helps!

  • On rehearsal night, you can sing along with us as we sing along with a track… and see what the experience really feels like.

  • Come once, come again… no obligation, and you don’t even have to show your face.


Ready to try?
Message us on Facebook for the Zoom meeting code and password, or fill out the form below.

If you’d like a free vocal assessment, we can do that, too! We’ll hop into a private Zoom breakout room, and one of our coaches will help you find your most comfortable vocal range.

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